Facility Services

Outstanding Facility Services Throughout British Columbia and Alberta

At Spotless Uniform and Linen Service, we go beyond renting uniforms and cleaning linens. We provide floor mats and facility services in British Columbia and Northern Alberta to help your business prevent accidents and guard against germs. Our trusted team will work with you to keep your business tidy and professional. 

Products we provide are:

Commercial Floor Mat-Service

We’re in the business of helping your business succeed. That means ensuring the safety and comfort of your customers and staff members. One of the best ways to do that is with floor mats. We rent floor mats that not only enhance the appearance of your workplace by adding branded elements but also help reduce fatigue, and slip and fall injuries by stopping dirt in its tracks. On a weekly, every other week, or every 4th week schedule, we will swap out soiled mats for freshly cleaned mats.

Our wide range of products includes:

  • Anti-fatigue floor mats
  • Brush floor mats
  • Pattern floor mats
  • Classic floor mats
  • Coffee floor mats
  • Kitchen floor mats
  • Custom logo floor mats
  • Safety floor mats
  • Scraper floor mat

Commercial & Industrial Floor Mops

Mops are your first line of defense against sudden messes and dirty floors. They’re used in any commercial or industrial facility to trap dust as well as dirt and make the floors look clean. Spotless Uniform and Linen Service will provide mops and handles, pick up soiled mops, and deliver clean ones on a schedule that works for you.

Our range of products includes:

  • Dry mops
  • Wet mops

Disposable Gloves

We provide disposable gloves that can help you keep your facility running smoothly and help your employees feel clean and safe. We can provide gloves for every industry.

  • Latex gloves
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Vinyl gloves

Air Care

Let Spotless Uniform and Linen Service keep your washrooms looking and smelling clean with our selection of air care products. We will provide you with an on-going supply of air fresheners that will keep your business fresh-smelling and complaint free.

Our range of products includes:

  • Freshener Scents
  • Scent Dispensers

Soaps & Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizers and soaps will help stop the spread of germs at your place of business. Spotless Uniform and Linen Services will keep your employees and customers safe and healthy by providing easy-to-refill soap and sanitizer dispensers.

Choose from a variety of manual and touch-free dispensers to fit your business needs:

  • Touch-Free Dispensers
  • Industrial GRIT Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Anti-bacterial Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer

Towel & Paper Dispensers

Spotless Uniform and Linen Services will provide your washrooms with towel dispensers & toilet paper dispensers and paper towel & toilet paper to help keep your bathrooms tidy and professional.

Some of the hand towel dispensers we provide are:

  • Center pull towel systems
  • Continuous roll towel systems
  • Hand towel systems and Toilet tissue systems