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Providing Professional Uniforms Throughout British Columbia and Alberta

Is it time for a new uniform or linen service for your restaurant? Instead of choosing a large, impersonal company, benefit from Spotless Uniform and Linen Service’s customer-focused, family-owned and operated commercial laundry and uniform service.

Discover Our Unique Uniform, Linen, and Laundry Service

At Spotless Uniform and Linen Service, we can provide comprehensive uniform and linen service programs to businesses, in Peace River, Thompson Okanagan, Cariboo Central Interior, Lower Mainland and Northern Alberta. Because we’re an independent, family-owned uniform rental service company, we can provide personalized customer service. We provide professional uniforms throughout British Columbia and Alberta for almost all industries.

The Exclusive and Convenient Spotless Garment Repair App

Spotless Uniform and Linen Service proudly introduces the Spotless Uniform Garment Repair app*, the industry’s first app of its kind!


In less than a minute, you can help us provide better service by telling us about any repairs your garments need.


Search for “Spotless Uniform Garment Repair” in the App Store or Google Play.

The app uses a simple 3-step process. All you have to do is:

  • Fill in your name
  • Specify the garment-related issue; add a picture if required
  • Collect your receipt
spotless garment repair app signup process

Don’t have an iPhone or Android phone? Set the garments aside; your customer service representative from Spotless Uniform and Linen Service will use the app on their phone for you.


Contact us if you need any further clarifications.


*For use by all Spotless Uniform rental garment wearers

Chef Wear and Linen Rental for Your Restaurant

Laundry Solutions for Industrial Work Camps

Uniform Service Programs Available for All Industries



Timely Response

Local Independents                                                                 63%
Nationals                  26%


Uniform Appearance

Local Independents                                                           61%
Nationals                                35%


 Complete Delivery 

Local Independents                                                    53%
Nationals  16%


Overall Satisfaction

Local Independents                                                    53%
Nationals                 25%


Quality Repairs 

Local Independents                                                   52%
Nationals  15%


Replacement Policies

Local Independents                                               49%
Nationals                 24%


Billing Policies 

Local Independents                                              49%
Nationals         19%

Companies that have switched to local textile rental and uniform suppliers in the recent past have given their verdict in support of the local and independently owned companies. According to the stats above, local uniform rental companies have successfully left international ones behind, performing twice as better as them in all the criteria listed. 

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