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Frequently Asked Questions About Uniform and Delivery Services

Do you have questions about Spotless Uniform and Linen Service and our services? Here, you will find various frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: Do you supply perfect fitting uniform?

At Spotless Uniform and Linen Service, we hope that "my uniform doesn't fit" are four words you never have to hear. Our goal is to supply each and every one of your employees with the perfect fitting uniform. We provide sizing services for our customer to ensure proper fitting uniforms. We know sizing requirements change, when that happens, just let us know and we will exchange for proper fitting uniforms.

Q: How do I track whether a garment is missing or lost during services?

We use SPOTRAK Inventory Management System to accurately track every garment that is put into service. This system allows us to provide reports such as a ‘Garments in Service’ report for each staff member showing:

  • The specific barcode number for each garment
  • The date the garment was installed
  • The last date the garment was scanned in (soiled) and out (clean)
  • The last date the garment was delivered to you
  • The number of washes

Q: How do you manage multiple deliveries at many drop locations?

With the help of SPOTRAK Inventory Management System, we are able to assign locker numbers to allow for easy storage of the clean coveralls. We can also create subaccounts under the main account. This allows for coveralls to be marked for delivery to multiple sites on your property.

For example, if you have a men’s dry, women’s dry, and a pit shop location, we can have the ID labels on the coveralls marked and continually delivered to their specified locations. This is a very helpful system when delivering to sites with many drop locations and with hundreds of employees to keep track of.

Every coverall also has the garment bar code attached to the back of the collar. This contains the unique garment ID number that we use to scan our rental coveralls into our plant soiled, and out of our plant clean. This SPOTRAK Inventory Management System is extremely accurate and eliminates any confusion when preparing your clean coveralls for the next delivery.

Q: How do you maintain the quality of your garments?

We process all coveralls using the proper equipment and processing techniques. Our laundering procedures are designed to maximize the life of each garment while maintaining their integrity and quality. We use laundering chemicals and proper dispensing equipment from one of the most recognized companies in the industry.

Our coveralls are inspected several times for required repairs, zipper replacements, and overall quality. We also offer custom alterations if they are required. Built-in pockets for knee pads, canvas sleeves for sawmill workers, and high-visibility striping partially removed for welders are just a few examples of what we can offer.

Q: What are your service schedules?

Service schedules are typically once per week with delivery directly to your work site. Other options may be available depending on the situation and location of your site.

Upon delivery, our customer service representative will ensure that all of the clean coveralls are put away in the appropriate lockers and that soiled coveralls are collected and returned to our facility. As an added benefit, we are able to offer lockers for both clean coverall storage and soiled coverall storage. Our coveralls are delivered to you folded, stacked, and ready to be put away on a shelf or in a clean item locker.

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