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SPOTRAK Inventory Management System

Our SPOTRACK Inventory Management System allows us to clearly track every garment that is put into service. It allows us to provide reports such as a ‘Garments in Service’ report for each staff member showing the following:

  • The specific barcode number for each garment
  • The date the garment was installed
  • The last date the garment was scanned in (soiled) and out (clean)
  • The last date the garment was delivered to you
  • The number of washes
Laundry workers

Minimize Your Uniform Costs

With this information we can help reduce your operating costs by minimizing lost or misplaced garments. As a general trend, we see fewer replacements billed to our customers as the staff using the rental inventory are aware that the inventory is being tracked. Our SPOTRACK Inventory Management System is just one more way that we have been able to save our customers time and money while ensuring quick and efficient resolution to inventory issues.

Identification Labels

Every coverall has an ID label attached to the back of the collar. This contains the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Customer division
  • Account number
  • Employee name
  • Employee number that we assign
  • Locker number
  • Size of coverall
  • Delivery schedule
  • Delivery route number
  • Property of Spotless Uniform Ltd
Tracking tags

Easy to Track, Easy to Deliver

We are able to assign locker numbers to allow for easy storage of the clean coveralls. We can also create sub-accounts under the main account. This allows for coveralls to be marked for delivery to multiple sites on your property.

For example, if you have a men’s dry, women’s dry, and a pit shop location, we can have the ID labels on the coveralls marked and continually delivered to their specified locations. This is a very helpful system when delivering to sites with many drop locations and with hundreds of employees to keep track of.

Every coverall also has the garment bar code attached to the back of the collar. This contains the unique garment ID number that we use to scan our rental coveralls into our plant soiled, and out of our plant clean. This SPOTRAK Inventory Management System is extremely accurate and eliminates any confusion when preparing your clean coveralls for the next delivery.

Contact us to put the SPOTRAK Inventory Management System to work for your business.

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